Track Review: Cherry Love Dreams // ELLE

ELLE, the upcoming Australian pop duo, recently released the singles ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ and ‘Siren’. When commenting on their newest release st. James, the singer of ELLE, comments “Each song feels like a time capsule for specific moments in my life”, adding that they’re different from their previous “tightly produced pop singles”. ELLE’s transition into a more intimate and free flowing alt-pop genre definitely suits them and opens up a wider space to tell stories and capture moments as st. James described. 

‘Cherry Love Dreams’ showcases st. James’ vocals, echoing Halsey vibes. The track is framed by soft electronic beats which feel like a dusky pink and tangerine sunset painted on top of the song. The lines “You smell like summer storms / And lemon icypoles” evoke gorgeous late summer imagery – listening to this you can almost taste the sweetness of a new crush, the thrill of secrecy and bitter fear of losing them. 

While this song describes a lust and desire, a darker interpretation of the lyrics could be dependency on unhealthy coping mechanisms or relationships leading to self destruction: “You look like bad decisions / The ones you know I’ll make / You taste like tropical delusions / The kind of drug I’d take.” 

At the end of the song, the stunning double layering of st. James’ voice singing lines like “You’re the devil”, “Will you surround me like a fiend” combines delicacy and darkness with perhaps a touch of sadness reflected in the slow piano keys. The dreaminess of the song feels threatened by the possible end of the ‘illusion’ with the desire to not “wake up”.

Check out ‘Cherry Love Dreams’ along with ‘Siren’, which will both be on their debut mixtape Love As A Metaphor.

Words by Elle Woods-Marshall

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