Track Review: Coleurs // Limitless

Having spent much of the last few years creating music with those around him, producer Colin Wood aka Coleurs is back as a solo artist with his latest release, Limitless. Taking inspiration from the connection between art and music, Coleurs implements elements of the 80s synthopop sound and brings it into the modern day, with impeccable vocals by Josylnn Cortes.

On his latest release, Coleurs experiments with the more romantic side of electronic music, with a timeless chorus that manages to capture the awe and swooning nature of his overall sound, all while maintaining a solid and contemporary production throughout. The track is lifted through a soaring atmosphere of subtle keys and a pulsing rhythm that aims to highlight the texture within the producer’s chosen direction. Limitless is a testament to his ability to deliver a wonderfully bliss cut and to his sheer talent. Adding a touch of wistful elegance to his track, Coleurs stands tall on this new release, proving his talent and dedication to creating memorable and meaningful new cuts.

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