Track Review: Come All Ye Faithful // The Psychedelic Furs

The Psychedelic Furs latest single ‘Come All Ye Faithful’ sees the band’s songwriting take an eerie turn.

‘Come All Ye Faithful’ is the fourth single from The Psychedelic Furs’ upcoming album Made of Rain. Following previous releases ‘No-One,’ ‘Don’t Believe’ and ‘You’ll Be Mine’, the the album is scheduled for release on 31st July, and it will be the first full-length release from the band since 1991’s World Outside.

The song, which has a name taken from a Christmas carol, is a mature take on the band’s musical origins. Musically, ‘Come All Ye Faithful’ feels like a throwback to the band’s New Wave roots but in a darker, brooding manner. Crooning saxophone melodies mix with whining synths beats and gloomy guitar hooks give the track a foreboding feel.

Richard Butler’s lyrics add to the sinister vibe of the track. “When I said I loved you well I lied / I never really loved you, I was laughing at you all the time / When I said I needed you I lied / I never needed anyone I laughed until I cried,” he sneers throughout, before calling on all playboys, saints and sinners, holy rollers and, druggy mothers.

Most bands struggle to live up to expectations with comeback albums but with four strong tracks released so far, coupled with the current 80s revival at the moment, The Psychedelic Furs seem to be picking up where they left off.

Words by Brenna Cooper

Photo by Matthew Reeves

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