Track Review: Comfort // Vistas

Vistas released their debut album entitled Everything Changes in the End just four months ago in May 2020, and released an additional single ‘Stranger’ soon after. Barely giving fans time to digest this critically acclaimed album and bonus track, Vistas are now back with another new single, ‘Comfort’. The Scottish based trio are certainly making their presence felt this year, producing yet another anthemic song.

‘Comfort’ erupts with strong, guitar-led beats from the onset, setting the tone for the rest of the track. The song is bold and bouncy, making it impossible not to have a bit of a tap along to. The upbeat mood is matched with somewhat sombre lyrics, giving the track a perfect mixture of lighthearted fun and sobering reality. The lyrics are cleverly thought-provoking, straight from the opening line of “Will you grow up to be a victim of consumerism / Starring in a film that you never asked to be in?”

As well as these raw and relatable words, Vistas ensure that they boast their much-loved energetic vibe and distinctive vocals. The band have an infectious likeability to their music, and this surprise bonus track is no exception. ‘Comfort’ brings listeners a much needed portion of pure, feel-good music in the strangest of times.

Words by Sarah Turner

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