Track Review: Did I Ask? // Pinkfiz


Imagine you’re a 18-year old girl, who is very passionate about gender equality and isolated during a pandemic. Imagine you keep hearing “she was asking for it” every time the topic of unwanted attention or sexual harassment comes up. Imagine getting angry. Finally, imagine you have a punk soul and a guitar… Then you can probably understand how Pinkfiz‘s latest single ‘Did I Ask?’ was created.

‘Did I Ask?’ is a song written and produced during quarantine by this young and promising Cambridgeshire artist. She set up her solo project during the second lockdown, after being part of a band for some time. Starting with a ’80s punk, new-wave sound, the song qualifies as a feminist anthem due to its angry lyrics: “If my skirts too short / it’s not for your attention”, and “If my boobs are out / it’s not for your affection / coz I’m not asking for it.”

The mood is unstable and melancholic, with reverb reminding the listener that it is self-produced. Lead guitar is distorted and follows the melodic line of her voice, joined perfectly by the bassline and drums. It’s a catchy track for such delicate subject matter.

Recommended uses for ‘Did I Ask?’? Blast it as an angry anthem at a feminist rally or send it in response to every unsolicited dick pic you ever receive.

Words by Miriam Viscusi

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