Track Review: Dreaming Through My Prime // Rory Carney


Rory Carney’s latest drop ‘Dreaming Through My Prime’ looks at time lost and spent. Written, produced and composed by himself, Carney sings through ‘80s synth with a hint of soft rock.

The sound suits the message well, as does the title. He describes the lyrics as a “feeling you’ve not quite achieved as much as you hoped, [which is] a very familiar worry for a lot of adults”. This certainly works in terms of a tune that showcases the taste for catching up with time, and that ever-begrudging pressure to make something of yourself. He does add a positive spin to it, prescribing the thought of loving every step of the journey, “even the downsides”. This in turn combats the wasted moments provided by the pandemic.

The production can be a little shaky in certain aspects – the background music and vocals are very uneven, with the latter overpowering the former. Whether or not it’s a deliberate choice, one thing does remain clear; it’s hard to appreciate how well the tune complements the lyrics when it’s lacking an impactful presence. A little volume control on the mic perhaps would have solved this problem. His vocals, stylistically unsteady, also come a little bit undone in the approach to, and within, the chorus. He sounds very much like a-ha’s Morten Harket singing ‘Take on Me’, but without the smooth mix and transition from the head voice to the chest voice.

There’s contentment that reverberates throughout the track, carried well by Carney’s tone. He sets a dry and stagnant precedence in the verses, creating a contrast to the uplifting run of the chorus. This puts into the forefront all these adult worries of time running out and the pressure that’s there. He then successfully shatters all of that by emphasizing the importance of enjoying yourself. And that is exactly the kind of motivation we need through every uncertain aspect of life right now.

Words by Mae Trumata

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