Track Review: Even the Joker Cries // Hegarty

Photo credit: Hegarty

Hegarty are an up and coming band from Liverpool whose main aim is to “unite the world for its love of guitar music.” They have spent the last three years touring heavily around Liverpool, and have built a reputation internationally through receiving radio airplay in USA and France. Earlier this year, they released a single, ‘Even the Joker Cries Sometimes’, taken from their upcoming debut album Selling Your Soul For Sanity, due out in January.

‘Even the Joker Cries’ is a reflective track, featuring an acoustic backdrop and a mellow piano. These instruments blend in beautifully with the rich harmonies, which feel anthemic in places. David Hegarty’s soft, melodic vocal is refreshing and distinctive, while lyrically it talks about someone who laughs a lot and portrays themselves as confident, while recognising their pain and weaknesses inside. It’s an introspective track that creates a feeling of warmth in the listener, and a wonderful new discovery.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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