Track Review: Exertion // Sean Duncan

‘Exertion’ is the debut single from Sean Duncan, who, after years of making collaborative music as a member of various other bands (such as Boy on Guitar, Kid Mud, Seanario, Duncan Booth and Thombie to name a few), is finally venturing it out as a solo artist. Mixing elements of indie pop, alternative rock and electronica, the song is an emotional and promising teaser of what to expect next from the seasoned musician.

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With Duncan’s restrained yet affecting vocals that call to mind those of Beck, ‘Exertion’ starts off as dreamy and experimental cruise into the corners of his mind before he’s pulled into a quiet admission (“We can’t go on lying / Lying with every breath / Because I’m not afraid of dying / I’m only afraid of death”) and eventually plummets into the turmoil-fuelled rock trip the song has been building towards. Clocking in at four and half minutes, it superbly shows both his experience and his potential as an eclectic new solo artist.

You can find Sean Duncan on Bandcamp and Facebook. His debut album is set to be released later this year.

Words by Samantha King

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