Track Review: Favourite Flavour // The Lottery Winners

Favourite Flavour cover, credit: Perspective Communications

Brilliant, messy, and above all – exactly what we needed. The Lottery Winners have blessed us with yet another storming single in the form of ‘Favourite Flavour’. Offering a delightful tease of their upcoming sophomore effort, Something To Leave The House For, the quartet channel their drive and determination into this newest cut.

The Lottery Winners are Thom Rylance (vocals), Katie Lloyd (bass and vocals), Robert Lally (guitars), and Joe Singleton (drums).

Talking on the track, Thom Rylance divulged, “It’s a fun song. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. My fiancé is a nurse, and one night I was writing a song in the garage and she came in and asked if she could help. I said yes, to humour her, and then she starts singing this amazing melody. I was fuming. She’s just good at everything.”

Boppy and bombastic, The Lottery Winners have found their forte in a summer-infused love-fuelled tale of romance. Lyrically flawless, the poetic prowess of lead singer Rylance shines through with a flurry of heartfelt harmonies and vocal intonations.

Alongside the tracks comes a colour-kaleidoscope video full of fun antics, and a human ice cream sundae.

It’s fun. And that’s what we all need right now.

Words by Alannah Williams

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