Track Review: ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ // Molly Burman


There is something about Molly Burman’s almost conversational style of singing which makes the listener feel as if she is speaking directly to them from across the room. Burman manages to pull off combining witty lyrics – which vocalise pent-up frustrations – with dreamlike instrumentals and willowy vocals in her new single ‘Fool Me With Flattery’. Flooding speakers with much-needed positive and authentic feminist energy, ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ is a down to earth, hypnotic pop bop.  

The new track opens with strumming jangly guitars, followed swiftly by Molly’s signature wispy, yet sturdy vocals. Showing off her vocal range, Molly reaches soaring highs and growling lows, mirroring the frustrations explored in her unflinchingly honest lyrics. Creating balmy textures with psychedelia-tinged instrumentals, ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ is both impactful and humorous.

Using humour and irony to portray her message, the catchy, sarcastic chorus “don’t belittle me boy / surprisingly my mind works quite well alone” emboldens her listeners to take a stand against condescending people. Speaking about her inspirations for ‘Fool Me With Flattery’, Molly said “I wrote the song after a long day of feeling overlooked and ignored by some of the guys in my life. I was fed up, angry and used the stereotype of a mansplaining misogynist to let it all out. This song is for anyone who feels belittled and like they’re being made to shrink themselves: be as big as you possibly can, and don’t let anyone fool you with flattery.”

At a time when sharing stories and supporting one another is more important than ever, Molly’s empowering message to women, encouraging them to stand up for themselves and recognise their worth is particularly apt. ‘Fool Me With Flattery’ closes with the lyric “when you see my name in lights / yours will be in the back of my mind / in a place where you’ll never find it”, and with that we think we have just found our daily affirmation. 

Words by Ella McLaren

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