Track Review: Gardenia // Iggy Pop


Post Pop Depression will be the first release of new music from Iggy Pop since he reunited with The Stooges for 2013’s ‘Ready To Die’. This album comes as a collaboration with Queen of the Stone Age frontman, Josh Holme and will be released on the 18th March 2016. ‘Gardenia’, sees the first helping of this collaboration, a melding of the styles of Pop and Holme into each other to create a sound unlike either of their previous projects. The driving force of the melody comes specifically from the strength in the guitar and drums. With Matt Helders on drums, the time and beat is kept at the perfect pace to allow for Iggy Pop’s deep, rough drawl to roll over and throughout the melody.

The tone of Pop’s vocals and rhythm of lyrics resemble a Bowie/The Velvet Underground-esque style which makes you want to have it as a soundtrack whilst walking through a bustling city, or played loudly whilst dancing round a dark and slightly dingy bar doing your best Iggy Pop impression.

This new turn of direction for Pop and Holme shows them to be artists who love to push themselves and switch up styles, to show the true experimentation as artists that will stand the test of time.

Words by Jessica Borden


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