Track Review: Golden Egg // Institutes

Birmingham-based Institutes write gritty pop songs with big chunky riffs. Their music is extremely captivating, leaving a mark on the listener. This is evident on their track ‘Golden Egg’; building things up nicely to what should be a loud 2018 for the band.

‘Golden Egg’ is a pummelling track that keeps the listener intrigued throughout. It features a crashing drumbeat combined with raw, heavy guitars that are reminiscent of early-Muse. The songwriting structure is on point, the atmospheric guitars verse syncing into the infectious chorus smoothly. When the main riff of the song kicks in, you’ll want to crank this up to full volume and headbang until you break your neck. It’s a stunning transition that demonstrates the strength of the production, the vocals and instruments getting enough space in the mix to breathe and be heard clearly.

‘Golden Egg’ is an uplifting rager juxtaposed with calming progressive soundscapes, making for a fun and enthralling listen.

 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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