Track Review: Good Girls (Don’t Get Used) // Beach Bunny

Ahead of their forthcoming new EP, Blame Game, Chicago band, Beach Bunny have released their sassy new single ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’. Accompanied by a retro game styled video, the single is about women taking back control and taking aim at the manipulators and ‘players’ of the dating world.

Lead singer Lili Trifilio added context to the song: “As a veteran of engaging with emotionally unavailable people, I wanted to create a sassy song that calls out players by talking down to them as if they were children, showing that poor communication skills and mind games are immature. It shifts the blame to the person that was acting disrespectful, instead of myself.” 

The single relies on a heavy drum beat and the band’s signature twin-guitar sound, to create a punk-pop bubblegum anthem that evokes memories of early Avril Lavigne or even Transvision Vamp. Trifilio takes a relatable issue and delivers the venomous lyrics in a breezy power-pop fashion that is a ready made mosh-pit chant.

With its simple rhyming style, “If you adore me, why do you ignore me?”, the track won’t win any awards for lyrical structure and depth. Yet, it defines catchy and brings forth a new feisty girl-power anthem. 

Words by Andrew Butcher

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