Track Review: Habit // MELLAH


MELLAH introduces his brand new single ‘Habit’, a clever and creative next step in his personal story. 

The South Londoner returned to music in early spring with the pop infused and creative ‘Family Fun’. MELLAH is self-confessed oddball and has a flair for providing leftfield music which is truly out there. Songs such as ‘Death’, ‘Pillage’, ‘Plunder’ are massively fun and exciting pieces of music filled with fantastic personal story-telling. 

‘Habit’ continues this terrific run of form, as it uses the MELLAH brand of weirdness to its advantage, providing a relatable story of the odd and annoying habits we have. The story details are amazing; MELLAH’s use of instruments is incredible as he manipulates the sounds to his advantage. The subtle guitar lick throughout creates an easy and mellow tone, as well as creating colourful vocal and instrumental patterns. 

MELLAH spoke about ‘Habit’ when he said “Funnily enough, Habit is about habits. Falling into the same, often harmful, cycles and vices despite knowing that the outcome will be no different from before. ‘Habit’s such a pain, pain is such a bore’. Einstein, of all people,  said, ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’.

MELLAH’s latest effort is a fantastically weird endeavour which shows the real creative nature and terrific storytelling ability he has. 

Words by Paul Dawson


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