Track Review : Half Eaten // Oscar Scheller

2020 has seen alternative music scenes burst back into popularity. New talent has brought life back into genres such as Emo and Pop Punk, which have dwindled slowly since the early 2000’s. The generation that grew up around these movements are now the new talent making up the scene, so it’s only appropriate that forgotten genres are back in full force and taking over your daily Spotify playlist. 

One such artist is London based Oscar Scheller, an Emo musician who has become well known for producing some of the cleanest alt-pop tracks of the year. Oscar’s past two albums have been critically well received, and his strong reputation has only grown throughout 2020, with a steady stream of singles including his latest – ‘Half Eaten’. 


‘Half Eaten’ continues Oscar Scheller’s excellent use of clever wording, excellent production and strong use of vocals. However, this particular track hits home with many with an emotional tribute to his favourite teacher. 


“This song is a diary entry of the 14 year old me living in a new area, going to a new school and generally really struggling. ‘Half Eaten’ because I felt like there was half of me left, as I was being consumed by anxiety which took away my appetite for life. Shout out to Ms. Atkins, my music teacher, for the keys to the music room. That shit saved me for real!”

Oscar speaking about ‘Half Eaten’


In addition to hyping up his brand new track, Scheller has also announced that his third album Boys Cry will be released on January 15 2021. If ‘Half Eaten’ is an example of the quality this album will bring, then Boys Cry may be an early contender for Album Of 2021.  

Words by Paul Dawson. 

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