Track Review: Headlights // Lost like Alice

It can be hard to stand out as a singer-songwriter, with a plethora of them coming a dime a dozen on the back of Ed Sheeran’s success. But Lost Like Alice (the alias of Welsh singer Ben Parker) is an exception to the rule. His new song, ‘Headlights’ is taken from his upcoming EP 20 and it’s a stripped back moment of genius that’ll make your jaw drop.

The minimalist backdrop of a slow, acoustic guitar and a piano enhances the nervy melancholic feeling, coupled with Parker’s soft, stunning vocal. There’s emotion dripping from it, and when he sings: “It won’t be long”, you get a sense that he’s going to pull away from the dark period and turmoil he’s experienced. The handclap is shrouded in reverb, this enhances the track because it gives it an injection of positivity.

On the evidence of ‘Headlights’, it’s clear that Ben Parker has a captivating story to tell. It’s a tender track which sees him lay his feelings bare, and a beautiful introduction to a rising talent.

 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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  • I agree, this track is amazing! Lost Like Alice seems to have been everywhere recently. Great article!

  • Love this track! It’s got so much emotion! Can we expect to see an interview soon?

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