Track Review: Honeymoon // Lana Del Rey

Following on from the impressive legacy already set by Lana Del Rey so far, the eponymous track ‘Honeymoon’ has left fans excitedly anticipating the rest of the album – set for release in September this year.


The song opens with an eerily calm and melancholy tune that introduces the track and accompanying video like the start of a 1940’s murder mystery film. The video soon cuts out to the shot of a static television with the introduction however, and enters straight into the typical style of Del Rey, including minimalist backing music and a strong emphasis on the radiating voice of the woman herself. This track is a clear continuation of Ultraviolence in the sense that it doesn’t include much in terms of instrumental diversity but remains centered on Del Rey and this strangely unnerving violin/orchestra music. The song leads itself into the ending with Del Rey’s own brand of slow, melodical “scatting” before coming to the final verse, and concluding with the same static television that preceded the introduction of vocals.

As per her usual style, Lana Del Rey has accompanied this song with a vintage style video made up of purposely aged “home footage” to create yet another engaging story to add substance to her song. As of yet the video only lasts for the first thirty seconds, whether this will be lengthened when the official album is released is unknown.

The feel of this track is a relaxing yet simultaneously tense one – the murder mystery soundtrack repeatedly interrupts and ends the song, leaving listeners wondering at the malevolent undertone implied in Del Rey’s seemingly calm tune.

Words by Charlie Ginger Jones

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