Track Review: I Lied // THÉA


Many songs deal with heartbreak, but some just hit you. Franco-American soul-singer THÉA delivers this superbly on her latest, ‘I Lied.’

Laden with influence spanning the work of Amy Winehouse and Lianna La Havas, THÉA wrote the song about being young, naive and making bad choices. The listener shares a pained delivery as she sings: “The guilt is stronger at night.”

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Instrumentals do a lot for the track, which saunters back and forth between minor and major chords; it’s an uneasy atmosphere, guitar-driven and haunting throughout.

THÉA is a unique talent with a mind-blowing vocal delivery. Demonstrating a natural talent for writing relatable lyrics and innovative chord progressions, ‘I Lied’ is fantastic, woozy addition to any collection.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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