Track Review: If I Die // Ed Prosek

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As the year draws to a close and the cold weather creeps in, many of us are beginning to think of cosy nights beside fires, hands wrapped around hot mugs of tea. Berlin-based singer-songwriter Ed Prosek’s music seems destined for such surroundings. His latest offering, ‘If I Die’, features his honeyed vocals and gentle instrumentation, providing solace and comfort. 

Opening with gently picked guitar melody and chimes of piano,‘If I Die’ is poignant and beautiful. The folksy instrumental conjures images of autumnal weather while Prosek’s soulful vocals softly soar, creating a homey atmosphere. The song gradually builds in texture towards the heartfelt chorus, “And if all it takes / is a little time / I’ll sit and wait / ‘til you change your mind”. The developing intensity and consistently slow tempo of the tune reflects this idea of waiting for love and adds a twinge of bittersweetness to the song. 

With a penchant for writing music that not only stirs feeling within his audience, the lyrics of ‘If I Die’ also leave listeners pausing for thought. Speaking on the story behind the song, Prosek explains: “‘If I Die’ at its core is a love song that tries to describe the perspective and intransigence of two characters: one a statue, the other a painting. Their superficial differences make them appear as if they’re opposites, but from the right distance they’re more alike than not.” It’s not only the story behind that song that carries a poetic element, Prosek uses the structure of the song to convey this narrative. The bulk of the song is the haunting chorus which is separated by two short verses: one dedicated to the statue character and the other to the painting. The chorus divides the two, acting as a barrier between them but when the song is viewed as a whole, they are united. 

While we take shelter from the elements, Prosek’s sweet song is the perfect accompaniment for when we need a little warmth. 

Words by Ella McLaren

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