Track Review: It Might Be Time // Tame Impala

Ahead of the release of his much-anticipated album, The Slow Rush due February, Kevin Parker teases fans with new single ‘It Might Be Time’.

With it’s spacey synths and twinkly piano, Parker’s new single fits within his legacy of twisted psych-rock. Yet, the latest release edges towards more of an experimental sound than the thumping drumbeats of previous singles, ‘Borderline’ and ‘Patience’. Parker’s jarring lyrics announce “you ain’t as young as you used to be // it might be time to face it” as a screeching siren plays, before switching back to the calm daze of the verse.

Parker toys with his listener one final time with a false ending to his mystifying creation, making this not the easiest of listens. But an intriguing one for sure, with the same incomparable dazzle to it that draws you into any Tame Impala track.

Words by Katie Manning

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