Track Review: Junk Food // Findlay


Findlay doesn’t hold back on shit she doesn’t agree with, so it should come as no surprise that her latest installment of grit-pop ‘Junkfood’ voices gripes on a few things. In fact the only gripe it doesn’t seem to have is with having a good time (see the fantastic video below) there’s food all over the place, an overly slippy floor and a squad with an over indulgence for drowning each-other in whipped cream and sprinkles. An average night for most.

Joking aside this track is Findlay’s direct two-fingers to body shaming, stereotypes and societal pressures, an issue most musicians would find touchy and shy away from – but not Findlay. She speaks her mind and it’s incredibly refreshing in an era full of heavy love/hate songs. An artist should be embraced for standing up and voicing concerns that actually bring important issues into the public eye like Findlay has with her displeasure at actions in both the food and health & beauty industries.

Those of you who watch the news might remember the stir Protein World’s ‘beach-body’ campaign caused earlier this year when displaying an advert featuring a woman boasting their perception of the ‘perfect’ beach-body and asking “are you beach-body ready?” – Findlay’s answer to that question is spot on.  Don’t bow to what the media says is right, be yourself, be proud of your body and above all else put having fun before how you look on your list of priorities now and again.

Musically it’s spot on too. Did you really expect anything less? Nat & co. always deliver. There’s the distinctively bracing lyrical edge and energetic power of past banger ‘Electric Bones’ arranged with gritty guitars and a new-found sugary fuzz-pop topping (with extra sprinkles!!!)

Junk Food is powerfully captivating, extremely good fun and above all else a bloody good tune.

Words by Jake Marley




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