Track Review: Juvenile Love // The SSS


The SSS’ new B Side ‘Juvenile Love’ (to forthcoming single ‘Find A Way’) is a delightfully simplistic melody that imparts a bittersweet message about juvenile romance to listeners. The gentle acoustic strumming which opens the track is a welcome change, the track’s musical simplicity allows for full appreciation of a beautiful lyrical. The xylophone used in the intro lends the track a soporific quality. It’s a comforting recognition that things don’t last forever – but that’s okay.

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The brooding vocal style of Josh Coddington hasn’t changed at all, yet with this latest track there’s an undeniably sing-a-long quality that’s synonymous with fellow Shefffielder, Alex Turner’s solo project: the Submarine soundtrack. With all the relatable qualities of Turner’s ‘Glass In The Park’, this song could easily soundtrack another Richard Ayoade indie cinema piece.

The chorus “Stay out in the cold / and you’d borrow his sweater / he wrote you a poem / a charming love letter” narrates a seemingly blissful romance where it “couldn’t get much better”. But then “you changed”. It’s as simple as that: people change and relationships end.

One thing we hope that remains constant, though, is the brilliant melodies that The SSS keep churning out.

Words by Beth Kirkbride


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