Track Review: Kazbeg // Sad Funeral

It is common for musicians to go through various life cycles. Usually, these transitions might take the form of adapting their style, or swapping a band member or two. Sometimes, however, as in the case of Adam Kane, the artist will opt for a fresh start entirely. In need of a change, the ex-vocalist of indie band Cave Painting began his latest project: Sad Funeral. A couple of tentatively released singles at the back-end of 2019 under this new moniker were well received. The result is the announcement of dreamy new track ‘Kazbeg’ in the middle of 2020.  

Despite the positive reception to the Brighton-based artist’s new beginning, themes of introspection and self-doubt remain the focus. To this end, ‘Kazbeg’ tiptoes rather than storms into a fresh start. There is a real vulnerability in the refrain “I could really do with your love, baby”. It’s an echoed phrase which lingers, emphasised by a catchy piano and guitar riff, aligning with a simple drumbeat. As you begin to nod along, you get it. It’s not a track made out of self-pity, but understanding. The lyrics are masterfully crafted; “I sit between the moments you left behind”, aptly reflects how over-reliance on another can just as easily result in stagnation as it can comfort.  

This “song for a break-up that never was” arises from a desire on behalf of Kane to look at himself through another’s eyes. There’s a real sense therefore, that Kane’s trip to Kazbegi – a mountainous village in Georgia – has informed the artist’s next life cycle. Stepping out of the spotlight momentarily has resulted in the singer/songwriter producing one of his most insightful, and soothing mellow-pop tracks to date.

Words by Adam Goldsmith

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