Track Review: Kingdom Come // Damien Ike


Damien Ike, British newcomer to the alt-pop scene, is rising from the ground with his new track ‘Kingdom Come’. After working among the likes of David Kosten (Marina and the Diamonds) and Sacha Skarbek (Lana Del Rey) on previous releases, Damien Ike joined forces with producers Lostboy and JMAC to compose this refreshing track.

The energizing music, encompassing both natural and synthetic components, superbly complements the brutally honest lyrics: “Like everything I’ve ever known / you’ll disappear and I’m alone”. People will always leave and the world will always change, but you’ll always have yourself and that’s where you’re at home.

Check out the accompanying music video and follow Damien Ike on Twitter.

Words by Victoria Kayola


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