Track Review: L’amour // Georgia Fearn

Not many seventeen year old musicians would have found their voice and nurtured such a well-developed sound at their age, but Welsh native Georgia Fearn has been honing her craft since she was nine. Having released her debut LP Perfect on Paper this year, Fearn has already had airplay on BBC Wales and gigged at Liverpool’s iconic Cavern Club. Lead single ‘L’amour’ is testament to this distinctive talent.

Driven by bouncy accordion and powerful vocal, the French influence on this track extends beyond its title. The opening lines reflect an almost spoken word style, at times veering dangerously close to Tumblr-inspired ‘coffee and cigarettes’ poetry, but saved by Fearn’s overall mature lyrical prowess. On this first track of the album, she swears off an ex-lover – her worst bad habit. “Je te détestais,” she sings, blaming her love blindness on being “high sur l’amour”.

Fearn’s sound is unique without obvious comparisons and this young songstress undoubtedly has more tricks up her sleeve.

Words by Kristen Sinclair 

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