Track Review: Like An Arrow // Lucy Rose

Since releasing her debut album Like I Used To back in 2012, indie folk singer-songwriter Lucy Rose has earned herself a dedicated following of mellow music lovers. With a similar vibe to the likes of Laura Marling, Gabrielle Aplin and Daughter, Lucy Rose produces easy but beautiful listening that’s very hard not to love. ‘Like An Arrow’ is no exception.


A largely acoustic song with a subtle build to the chorus, ‘Like An Arrow’ is a calm but catchy track about the comfort love can bring; in her distinctive vocal tones, Lucy asks “Oh, won’t you comfort me? / I don’t feel like myself lately … I was made for you / We were made like two.” The song is undoubtedly simple both musically and lyrically, but that simplicity merely adds to its easy charm and will lead to that unavoidable, stuck-in-your-head feeling that this track will most definitely bring.

‘Like An Arrow’ sounds more than ready to be a hit amongst the singer’s fans, hopefully both old and new.

Words by Amie Bailey

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