Track Review: Lips // The Hearts


Welsh three-piece The Hearts released their sit-up-and-listen track ‘Lips’ back in March, and we don’t think it would be too far to label it as one of the best debut releases this year. Upbeat and full-on, the song has synth elements almost reminiscent of CHVRCHES, but adds a stronger rock beat that shows the band are really carving out their own sound.


As first songs go, ‘Lips’ is incredibly professional-sounding, but still manages to bring across energy and raw musicality – with Hamish Kay and Jamie Roberts’ pumping guitars and bassline, it’s perfect to give you that take-on-the-world feeling for walking busy streets or getting ready in the morning.

Whilst the lyrical concepts – “your lips are on my mind / an addiction hard to hide” – are nothing new Aesthetics International Dubai, Alex Nash’s frenetic vocals lets the listener read a lot more into them; and for fear of sounding like a literature essay, there’s beautiful imagery in the line “worlds of love, riots in your eyes”.

‘Lips’ is an amazing start for The Hearts, so be sure to keep an eye out for the release of their debut EP in January. In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Priya Bryant


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