Track Review: Live By Design // Ivy Nations


With only three tracks to their name, Ivy Nations are one of Dublin’s most promising new rock bands.

Their most recent single is ‘Live By Design’, a soaring indie-pop anthem whose music video (their first ever) takes inspiration from Richard Ayoade’s film The Double: “[Director Benn Veasey and producer Rufus Pinkerton] wrote a story focusing on the ideas of determinism, design, choice & freedom… in a dystopian world that was at once dated and a bit grubby, but at the same time really quite colourful and vibrant in places.

Notably darker yet still full of the hypnotic energy that drove their previous releases, the track beautifully shows off their already polished sound and further paves the way for their rise in the UK indie scene.

Watch the video for ‘Live By Design’ below.


Words by Samantha King


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