Track Review: Lonely // Rosie Charles


There is something about the nighttime that clarifies and brings forth a whole wealth of emotions that usually remain underwraps within the day time. Sliding rose-tinted frames onto one of these moonlit moods is newcomer Rosie Charles in her debut single ‘Lonely’. Delving into singlehood in a world of couples, her latest song is a sultry affair, a perfect accompaniment to midnight musings of all kinds. 

Despite this being her debut single, Rosie’s musical accolades are already stacking high with performances at festivals such as Latitude and Into The Wild already under her belt. She’s also received support from tastemakers BBC Introducing as well as performing live on MTV. 

Opening with hazy hums and crystalline chimes, ‘Lonely’ is a steamy affair exploring Rosie’s experiences of being the only single person within her flat. Despite coming in at just under the two-minute mark, Rosie creates an electric emotionally charged atmosphere. Stripped back instrumentals keep the listener’s attention firmly on Rosie’s soul-infused and smokey vocals as she laments “everyone I know / has found someone”. Within ‘Lonely’ Rosie turns her confessional into a tantalising track littered with twinkling electronic tolls and poised piano chords. 

The drawn out and wispy nature of the accompanying instrumentals add to the hypnotic poignance of the song. Meanwhile gorgeous lyrical details such as “I dream in tinted red” add to the allure of the tune, ensuring Rosie’s explorations don’t delve into the depressing or desperate as she recounts “waking up to an empty bed”. Her confident delivery leaves us with a vivid vignette of a character caught between the all too familiar place of what they have and what they want.

The bridge drips with emotion and authenticity as Rosie’s gently soaring vocals and soulful lyrics break down into the repeated revelation “I feel so, feel so / lonely”. As the instrumentals gradually fade out, slow peels of sexy electric guitar roll in for a brief solo. The rocky tone fits perfectly with the tune, just the right amount of intensity to match Rosie’s velvet tones. 

Conjuring images of twilit rooms, ‘Lonely’ envelopes the audience, enticing them into the dreamy soundscapes. As the return of live music looms on the horizon, we can only hope that Rosie will announce some gigs so we can hear this song live and in all its sensuality. 

You can keep up with Rosie Charles via Instagram

Words by Ella McLaren

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