Track Review: Long Enough // Keep Dancing Inc.

Amid the constant pressure to create and hustle, listeners will no doubt find solace in Keep Dancing Inc’s newest track, ‘Long Enough’. Cathartic to the bone, the Parisian New Wave trio has come into their own since their formation. Sporting a musical footprint that weaves nonchalant lyrics with punchy beats, ‘Long Enough’ hits the ground running during a time where every creative going is scouring Twitter for the next big opportunity. It is a timely release; after all, lockdown has pressured many audiences to become the most productive versions of themselves. They’re exhausted. Still, the release makes quick work of lifting them back on their feet; after all, a few minutes is all it takes for rogue feet to tap unconsciously to the beat.  

Perhaps the most surprising thing about ‘Long Enough’ is that it was not intended for a single’s spotlight. Keep Dancing Inc said: “We were keen on releasing it on the album, and as a single, because it moved a lot of our friends, even though we didn’t consider spotlighting it initially.”

Yet in spite of this, ‘Long Enough’ is a mirthful, sophisticated ode to the global new normal. In times of social distancing, nobody is on a one-way ticket to Keep Dancing Inc’s usual scene. Toeing a playful line between references to Saint DX, Lewis OfMan, Talking Heads and Depeche Mode, the track successfully throws a playful wink at some of the band member’s musical crushes.

Keep Dancing Inc said: “When writing this song, we were inspired by our old indie/rock. The Drums, the Stokes, and the Smiths. On top of that, we added string machines that reminded us of New Order and The Chameleons.”

Still, that’s not to say Keep Dancing Inc’s latest release is all imitation with no individuality, and nor is it all sweet with no tooth. Treading the line between Synthpop and New Wave, the trio masterfully crafts their fizzy, energetic beats with ensnaring, double shots of creamy, espresso-smooth baselines. Guitar textures can feel absent at times, but this does not distract from the overall mission – to get listeners up on their feet, and dancing.

Best of all, it is politically vocal, delivering a sharp and crisp anthem. Louis’ synth-packed vocals are quick to drive listeners away from the need to achieve the paths other people craft for them. The track capitalises on the drive for self-accomplishment, highlighting common hindrances embedded in our humanity.  Reminding listeners that they “have the right to be wrong’” Louis implores them to “take the reigns’” of their lives and to stop second-guessing themselves. 

In truth, Keep Dancing Inc need not second guess themselves, either. ‘Long Enough’ is a deliciously fearless slice of pop jam, and in times of lockdown where stillness can feel like a failure, this is a welcome and soothing anthem for those who need that reminder to say: you are doing enough.  

You can listen to ‘Long Enough’ here.

Words by April Ryan

Photos by Ella Herme

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