Track Review: Long Island Iced Tea // Vendettas


It only takes a few seconds of listening to Leeds garage rock trio Vendettas‘ latest single, ‘ Long Island Iced Tea’,  before you feel as if you’ve been sent back in time and are now sporting a Beatnik turtleneck and a look that mirrors that of French Nouvelle Vague actors, a Union Jack patch embroidered somewhere on your jacket.


Vendettas, a mod rock-inspired Northern three-piece who have taken the Leeds music scene by storm, have managed to infuse elements of a 60s punk revival with a pulsating new wave influence to create a vintage sound that still sounds fresh and current. The abrasive, caustic, and yet infectious guitar-heavy track is a pulsating sound from the start; it emits an anthem-like guaranteed crowd-pleaser, a punk hymn for the hedonistic crowd of the hyper-cool.

Words by Cady Siregar


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