Track Review: Love Me Alone // Sabiyha

On her second single South London’s Sabiyha combines dancehall with lucid pop elements, creating a fiery ode to self-love, perfect for the summer heat. ‘Love Me Alone’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

‘Love Me Alone’ reverts back to a time in Sabiyha’s life where she was plagued by toxic relationships, damaging to her self-esteem. This track expels those past relationships and feelings of negligence, instead replacing them with notions of being beyond caring. It becomes a self-love mantra, reminding her that those people do not affect her anymore, and they never will again.

With incredibly impressive production for a second single, the track finds its energy through a delicate baseline and a melodic drumbeat. It is these two elements combined with the euphoric vocals of Sabiyha that make this track effortlessly beautiful. The electronic elements also help to create a perfect concoction of sonically pleasing and powerful music. It’s a feminist anthem for the ages.

Words by Joe Smith

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