Track Review: Lucy // Lauren Ann


Finding perks to the pandemic can be tough, but something has to be said for the plethora of time suddenly made available to dedicate to something. In Northern Irish alt indie-pop artist Lauren Ann’s case, that something was music. As far as pandemic silver linings go, Ann’s positively sparkles; going from sharing music with her school friends to landing a record label deal with Faction Records on the day she left school. Latest angsty release, ‘Lucy’ is the first release with her new label. 

Opening with moody vocals over growling guitars, Ann’s crystalline singing style invites her listener into the story she is spinning. Revealing the narrative behind the track, the 18 year old explains “it’s about being in a relationship and then one of your friends is getting involved. You’re not angry at them but you’re also not happy about it and don’t know what to do. There’s also a bit of envy in there too, because they’re cooler than you and you’re scared that they might take this person that you like.”

There is a boldness to Ann’s music, through her blunt lyrics: “Why did you take him from me Lucy?” and in the rip roaring musicality which makes the audience want to start their own personal mosh pit. The rich instrumental nods to Ann’s love of Pixies, Nirvana and Muse and sees her join the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Sir Chloe in bringing the guitar back into the spotlight. 

However, simmering away next to the frustration and confrontation is a level of vulnerability, shining through in the stripped back final verse: “she’s got what you call a pretty face / she’s so good at everything / and I can’t compare”. Ann perfectly captures the essence of the teenage experience, the duality of confidence and anxiety. Instead of giving into trepidation, Ann roars back into life with the resounding outro with her soaring vocals and shredding guitars. 

With a knack for combining the golden age of grunge with today’s innovation of genre blending, Lauren Ann brings a rocky pop hook to her sound that leaves listeners clamouring for more.

With a string of shows announced in Ireland in October and the release of her debut EP on the horizon, it seems we won’t have to wait long to see what else the rising talent cooked up in lockdown. 

Words by Ella McLaren 

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