Track Review: My Knee Against Kyriarchy // BSÍ


Dynamic duo BSÍ return with ‘My knee against kyriarchy’, a breezy entry in an increasingly eclectic discography. The Icelandic duo consisting of Sigurlaug Thorarensen on drums and vocals, and Julius Rothlaender on bass and synths borrow their name from a local bus terminal.

Like previous great punk bands, BSÍ take aim at oppressive authority figures on their latest offering, though this track may be considered a more stripped back affair compared to their heavier punk cuts like ‘Ekki A Leid’. Instead, dulcet Cocteau Twins-esque tones are accompanied by persistent percussion and a swooning synth melody. It’s a welcome variation, and one that can be explored further on their twin EPs Sometimes depressed… and …but always antifascist.

Never ones to shy away from taking a political stance, ‘My knee against kyriarchy’ takes things one step further, with a nod to the work of feminist theorist Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza in its title. It’s a perfect indication of what the pair are fighting against in style, with kyriarchy being defined as “an intersectional extension of the concept of patriarchy that goes beyond gender, encompassing all forms of dominating and oppressive hierarchies.”

Thorarensen’s lilting vocals drift effortlessly across a subtle bassline and soaring guitar licks, as the pair dismantle discriminatory power structures. With the recent announcement that BSÍ will support The Vaccines on their Autumn 2021 UK tour, audiences will be able to revel in their upbeat activist anthems very soon!

Words by Sarah Taylor

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