Track Review: Need It to Stay // XOCKHA


Submerged within a haze of oscillating synths and sun-kissed guitars, XOCKHA’s increasingly refined sound appears to be its most prevalent on latest track ‘Need It to Stay’, exerting the confidence and professional outlook showcased in their earlier work on a new and exciting level.

Fuelled by an unyielding bassline, the track moves somewhat seamlessly from section to section, manipulating the various synth pads used to create what may be deemed a ‘musical current’ – continually flowing yet remaining captivating as opposed to repetitive. This idea of a current appears to be enhanced by the relaxed manner in which each part asserts its role, portrayed perhaps most clearly via frontman Benjamin Jones’ distinct vocals that provide the track with an effortless, chilled quality.

Yet under closer scrutiny, this sense of effortlessness appears to be a mirage; what XOCKHA have produced through ‘Need it to Stay’ is not a one-take, semi-improvised track but more a finely-tuned machine, complete with the clear structure and intricate details that suggest it’s the outcome of a carefully designed thought-process and not a spontaneous DIY garage recording. And, in this respect, XOCKHA have created an intelligent track that contains all the lucidity they have been developing since their first release in a style that appears to be ever-maturing.

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Free to download via the quartet’s bandcamp, ‘Need It to Stay’ has proven to be an indicator of XOCKHA’s musical ambition in juxtaposition with their ability to create a catchy, well-written, hard-vibe song. In essence, the band are honing both their style and musicality; the results of which are as zealous as they are groovy.

Words by Georgie King 



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