Track Review: Never Gonna Let Her Go // Katey Brooks

Katey Brooks is influenced by Joni Mitchell and Florence + The Machine. This comes out in her sound, which is full of atmospheric soundscapes. Similar to previous track ‘In Your Arms’, latest single ‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ incorporates her beautiful vocals. Interestingly, she started singing because her childhood was chaotic and squashed, showing that good things can come out of bad situations.

Katey began singing in gospel choirs, which makes sense when you listen to the overlapping vocals of ‘Never Gonna Let Her Go.’ They are captivating and inviting, while the soft guitars bring a folk influence to the track. The emotional and heartfelt lyrics sound as if Katey is keen on holding onto a person that has impacted her.

‘Never Gonna Let Her Go’ is a haunting introduction to Katey Brooks’ music, making for an enchanting listening experience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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