Track Review: No Escape // Sisteray


Following the success of their 2013 EP She Likes the Drama, Sisteray have accumulated a substantial fan base and the support of BBC London and XFM. ‘No Escape’ is the latest offering from the London four-piece and is borderline perfection.

On its surface, the track is a feel good, pumping record with so much energy and an infecting rhythm. ‘No Escape’ is full of heavy drums, vigorous guitars and a chorus that would be easily chanted at any festival. Yet the lyrics read like the cry of many a bored and wayward 20-something, who already feel like they’ve seen it all with “Might be able to fly / till you come off the high” being one of the lyrics that stand out the most and so ‘No Escape’ becomes a battle cry of sorts against convention and society as a whole.

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Sisteray cite The Smiths, Velvet Underground and The Stone Roses as their inspirations and the track has hints of The Pigeon Detectives and early Arctic Monkeys, yet they have managed to carve out their own sound and are producing some top quality records. Definitely one to watch.

Words by Leah

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