Track Review: Nothing Hurts Like Love for the First Time // This Wild Life

In the midst of a pandemic, another heart-breaking ballad might not be the first thing on our playlists. However, theres something cathartic about This Wild Life’s new single ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love for the First Time‘ that listeners this year can truly appreciate.

Its lyrics capture the end of a ‘first love’ and the universal notion that you will never truly let it go. Perfectly framed by angelic harmonies and delicate melodies the song is beautifully heart-breaking.

‘‘Our first endeavor looks back at love and loss for the very first time and the callous that grows after. This next chapter is not only betting on ourselves, but betting on the love and support of our fans. To continue sharing our passion with you is a gift that Anthony and I are exceedingly grateful for.”

Kevin Jordan – Band member

The group has previously released three albums and several singles over six years. ‘Nothing Hurts Like Love for the First Time’ is their second single released in 2020, and their debut as an independently produced band.

“After six years and three albums with the wonderful Epitaph Records, we’ve decided to step out on our own and begin the journey of independently producing and releasing our own music,” said Kevin Jordan.

‘Nothing Hurts Like Love For the First Time’ is now available to stream on all major streaming services.

Words by Alice Sjöberg

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