Track Review: Of Heart // Bitch Falcon

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Making the transition from live staple to studio epic, Dublin trio Bitch Falcon have released their latest single ‘Of Heart’ as a fan favourite from their notoriously rambunctious live shows. Following their sold out debut Irish headline tour, the band’s most melodic offering to date is six minutes of pure raw energy and impenetrable muddy guitar.

The sound of ‘Of Heart’ could be described as the heavy chug of 70s experimental prog rock meets a fuzzy 90s grunge vibe. Frontwoman Lizzie Fitzpatrick’s vocals are almost wailed, hinting at a sense of controlled anger as she snarls, “It’s not hard to see you’re the one in charge / Just so you all go on and fall apart”. Although a regular appearance on any Bitch Falcon setlist, the arrangement and personal subject matter of the song had been nurtured in the studio for years. According to drummer Nigel Kenny , “The song has been hidden away and kept from release … [as it] changed gradually over the course of about four years… it was carefully cradled, cajoled, encouraged and moulded in to the final result.”

Hailed as one of the best live acts in Dublin, you can catch the trio at Cyprus Avenue in Cork, Róisín Dubh in Galway and at a hometown gig in Whelan’s this month. ‘Of Heart’ is out on 24th November – prepare your ears.

Words by Kristen Sinclair

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