Track Review: Peach Pit // Vickie


Canadian indie-pop band Peach Pit, known for their soft lyrics and twangy guitar-led sound, has released the newest track from their upcoming third album From 2 to 3, titled ‘Vickie’. An ode to true-to-life friendship, good memories, and comfort that can only be found with the closest of bonds, the song is yet another great tune from the band.

‘Vickie’ is actually named after a real friend of lead singer Neil Smith, who was inspired to write the track after a not-so-subtle hint from the titular pal that she wanted a song written about her for her birthday. Thus, after some musings about the chaos that could occur if they actually lived near one another, ‘Vickie’ was born. 

The song itself is a light, wistful tune, led as per usual by Smith’s upbeat guitar twang and backed with a simple drum beat and skittish tambourine. It feels undeniably nostalgic; nearly everyone can relate to having a friendship like this. Smith muses on what would happen if Vickie ‘’lived right down the street’’, playfully guessing that he’d never get any ‘’beauty sleep’’ and joking that she’d always be hanging ‘’round me like a creep’’. The chorus leans into a softer, more serious tone (although keeping that signature Peach Pit light musicianship), reassuring the titular Vickie that the singer will always be around for her, before ending on the rueful note that he still ‘’thanks God’’ that they aren’t actually neighbours. It’s sweet, charming, and relatable on a number of levels. 

‘Vickie’, like most of Peach Pit’s discography, feels like a tune for the summer rather than the cloudy days of January. You can’t help but listen to it and imagine shared ciders under the sun in a park, sunshine filtering through open windows, cycling through empty, sun-kissed streets; it’s a song for warmer days for sure. ‘Vickie’ is a soft, easy tune, and alongside other recent releases ‘Look Out!’ and ‘Up Granville’, further suggest that Peach Pit is leaning more into an organic acoustic sound for their upcoming third LP. 

From 2 to 3 is set to release on March 4th this year, and if these new singles are anything to go by, it’s going to be a great album.

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Words by Alice Fortt

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