Track Review: Ready For Tomorrow // Babe Rainbow


Byron band Babe Rainbow’s moniker is one befitting to their sound; consistently delivering summery, balmy bops which instantaneously imbue their listeners with their carefree energy. Even their origin story has an element of this easy-going nature, the band members meeting while surfing in Australia’s Byron Bay. From the surf to the studio, Babe Rainbow’s admirable work ethic is evident: they’ve released four albums in just as many years.

Latest release, ‘Ready For Tomorrow’ is taken from their recently released album, Changing Colours.

Psych-rock record ‘Ready For Tomorrow’ is like a bottled summer’s day, ready to blow the cobwebs of rebounding lockdowns away as we all greet summer with open arms. Bringing their listeners gently into their world of psychedelia, Babe Rainbow build ‘Ready For Tomorrow’ gradually. Initially listeners are presented with a funky disco drumbeat before layers of beachy guitars sashay in. Throughout the growing textures, the central plucky guitar riff acts as an anchor, simultaneously guiding the audience through the song as well as providing an insanely danceable rhythm.

By the time the hazy, retro-esque vocals float in, the audience are well and truly captivated by the hypnotic rhythms. Short bursts of metallic drums and rolling guitar riffs energise the song, creating an undeniably feel-good atmosphere and propelling the song onwards. 

Babe Rainbow drench the tune in 70s influences throughout their lyrical exploration of 21st century issues. This forward facing nostalgia is one of Babe Rainbow’s true strengths, looking back on the success of the past but always driving forwards. Each influence is spun in true Babe Rainbow fashion, spiralling into a kaleidoscopic haze of blissed out sounds.

In their musical timewarp, Babe Rainbow reflect on the stresses and pressures of never-ending tomorrows, concluding with the much needed reminder “you’ve got the time for peace of mind”. Upon a second listen, it’s easy to find this time to switch off in the relaxed and uplifting instrumentals. 

While we may not be able to go surfing in Byron Bay quite yet, soon enough summer will be in full swing. With our thoughts turning to a season jam-packed with sun and freedom, we’ll be taking a leaf out of Babe Rainbow’s book and taking time to find our peace of mind. 

Words by Ella McLaren 


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