Track Review: Record Stores // Leanne Tennant

Leanne Tenant’s track ‘Record Stores’ will feel nostalgic and relatable for most music lovers. The song, in its beautiful, stripped back, acoustic way, unpacks the importance of music when she is navigating hard days and periods of life.

For me, music plays a massive part in helping me through difficult patches with my mental health so this song’s meaning felt immediately familiar. The guitar chords and soft piano keys feel simplistic in the best kind of way, allowing her voice to charm the listener while connecting and comforting them.

Tennant carefully crafts her lyrics to start a conversation with herself and the listener by exploring the intricacies of getting stuck in her mind on these days, from “the guilt” of “not [being] everywhere at the same time” to being overwhelmed by “overdue health checks”. She expresses subsequent a desire to escape to a place she feels safe (record stores).

Her lyrics bring a sense of togetherness to lessen loneliness on the days she is describing.
‘Record Stores’ is calm and reflective and although there is sadness, hope builds throughout the song. These notes of hope and joy are equally imprinted on us when watching the music video with the gorgeous hand-drawn imagery. 

Find ‘Record Stores’ on Tennant’s new album Happiness Is… on Spotify, released on 9th July. Happiness Is… allowed her to explore and experiment outside of her usual style and features equally stunning tracks with a range of themes and important reflections.

Words by Elle Woods-Marshall

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