Track Review: Relief Rain // Bad Sounds


Bath-based band, Bad Sounds, have blessed us with their signature psychedelic-electro sound for almost four years now. Their newest single, ‘Relief Rain’, is a nostalgic return to their indie-pop roots, bringing some sweet retro dance and hip-hop vibes to this dark winter.

Despite ‘Relief Rain’s cheery sound and bouncing rhythm, the lyrics are undeniably sad. The band aren’t new to this; listen to any of their songs and you’ll find a morose tone hidden beneath a light exterior of buoyant melodies and twinkling tunes. When it rains it pours, and ‘Relief Rain’ doesn’t shy away from the poetic meaning of its subject matter. Vocalist, Ewan Merrett, sings of wanting a ‘relief’ from constant pressure – ‘‘relief rain drying up again on me / relief rain, God you’ve never been so in need,’ he laments. Like floods washing away a sea of debris, Bad Sounds are begging for any kind of respite. The upbeat vibes to this danceable tune are cleverly deceptive, covering up a solemn lyrical focus.

Any long-time listeners of Bad Sounds will notice the similarities between ‘Relief Rain’ and the band’s debut EP, PHRESSH, back in 2017. As the release of their second EP, Escaping From A Violent Time Vol. II, is right around the corner, we might expect a return to the bright indie-pop sound of the band’s beginnings… if ‘Relief Rain’ is anything to go by.

Words by Alice Fortt

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