Track Review: Royal Jelly // Deap Vally


California’s hard-hitting fuzz-rock duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, aka Deap Vally, are back on the wagon. Their return comes piping-hot, detailed by scorching new single ‘Royal Jelly’ – which is all set to head-up 2016’s follow-up to debut full-length Sistrionix . Deap Vally are as their Twitter bio rightfully states, ‘Bad. Ass.’ That description has never been more true to their music than when put side by side with their shit-hot newbie.

If there’s two women to be taken seriously whilst hurling around obscene, edgy lyrical fireworks, crashing symbols and fizzing guitars, it’s this dynamic pair. Their latest is everything we’ve loved in the past, such as the cocksure arrogance of early single ‘Lies’, plus astronomically high levels of hair-shaking and frisky intensity.

Thick whiskey-clad guitars are jarred amongst barrels of snarling attitude and lip-bitingly sassy vigour as Troy belts out her ode to female empowerment; “If you wanna be Queen bee, then you better make honey.”

Then there’s the video, shot whilst Edwards was five months pregnant (you wouldn’t know it.) A near four-minute spectacle – not for the colour blind – featuring stunning model Georgia May Jagger, best described by the girls as “a celebration of strong, creative women.”

Currently without a label and focused on controlling their own destiny, the twosome are eager not to rush things but are adamant that album two will drop at some point in 2016, complete with thrilling visual aesthetics similar to those teased here. Sounds like quite the antidote to whatever the next year has in store for us.

Words by Jake Marley



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