Track Review // Saying Forever – ‘Memories’


LA-based brothers Saying Forever are back with their latest release ‘Memories’. Known for their bold and anthemic dance-rock singles, such as ‘Million Ways’ and ‘Twenty 1’, ‘Memories’ offers a slight departure in sound, with a much more pop-rock layer and outfit.

Produced by Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump, the heavier mood is quickly established by Saying Forever’s loud melodies, with the drums and guitars being at the forefront of the track. The chorus is big and can easily be imagined live, with crowds letting go and shouting back the lyrics. Having honed their sound into a captivating sonic onslaught of high-energy guitars and thunderous production, their latest material gives them a head-turning edge that demands to be heard.

‘Memories’ is about being young and adventurous and sends a reminder to the listener to capture moments whilst you’re in them. The track is a testament to their versatility and sheer talent. The trio stands tall on this new single, proving their talent and dedication to making memorable new cuts.


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