Track Review: Shake My Fever // SAHARAS


SAHARAS have proved in the past that they can write funky bangers with a strong sense of melody. Previously, their sound consisted of synths that were heavily reminiscent of the 80s. However, with this new track, they took the decision to re-evaluate their sound completely, putting more of an emphasis on guitars and a shoegaze-style atmosphere. The track has a lot of potential, but the muddy production lets it down.

The big guitars convey many atmospheric elements which show that the band are creative and experimental but the track feels caked in distortion. It’s a shame because somewhere in the midst of all this, there is an infectious chorus, but it doesn’t get space to breathe.

This new direction for SAHARAS is a brave move, and the buried vocals are heavily reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. However perhaps on future releases, they could reduce the distortion so the strong choruses are brought out to the fore.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos




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