Track Review: Silhouette Boy // The New Coast

As the release of The New Coast’s new EP draws ever closer, the duo return with their latest offering ‘Sillhouette Boy’, released today on 25th September. Its big sound and catchy hook help to create a track radiating a relentless summer feeling and with fantastic big-stage potential. It follows the recent release of the Kentish duos similarly summery track ‘Cool Off’, and only serves to heighten the anticipation for Valentino Red, due to be released in November.  

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With a style that blends modern sounds of bands like The 1975 with 80s styled synth beats, The New Coast have perfected their own personal sound, clearly shown in their latest release. Opening with a backdrop of synth beats, these are pierced by Blyth’s vocals as the track kicks into life. What follows is an energetic combination of synths, vocals, and an irrepressible drum beat that lends the song real replayability.

Like all of the duo’s work, it draws on the pair’s past. In this instance, a failing and toxic relationship; pertinent lyrics discuss feelings of insecurity, feeling out of place, and disconnection. This is encapsulated with the line “the truth is I don’t want to talk to you”. ‘Sillhouete Boy’ refers to a desire to be out of the spotlight, and in turn out of the relationship. 

Duo Chris Cheater and Nick Blythe said: “Silhouette Boy’ came about lyrically a while ago. It’s about this relationship I had and from start to finish it felt very toxic. Never knowing where my head was at and always wanting to fade away.”

They added: “It’s mad because this song originally started out as a slow, downbeat, acoustic track but Chris turned to me one day and was like ‘this sounds like it needs to have something heavier behind it… the words and subject are heavy and heartbreaking so let’s add to that’. Then came the big drums and hard bass sound and now it’s like ‘why was it ever an acoustic song?”

The results of this change of heart are clear to all; a track that threatens to take the indie scene by storm and will be incredibly popular for gig-goers. Alongside ‘Cool Off’ and ‘Tear us Apart’, ‘Silhouette Boy’ adds to the new and exciting sound which the duo bring to the music scene, and is sure to be a success on radio stations across the country.  

Words by Ben Browning

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