Track Review: Sleep // Bleach Lab

South London four-piece Bleach Lab return with the incredible new single ‘Sleep’. It is a fusion of dream-pop and heavy melancholia, with the end result being a meaningful and awe-inducing ode to removing yourself from previous relationships.

The delicate vocals of lead singer Jenna Kyle effortlessly intertwine with dulcet synths and emphatic drums creating a diaphanous feeling of bliss. ‘Sleep’ lays the topic of moving on at its heart. It details the feelings of realising that your relationship isn’t worth all the strain it gives you and that you should wake up and see what’s actually happening in front of you.

The track’s seemingly light production helps elevate it to more than just your average dream-pop number. It harbours meaning and beauty not often found in bands’ early work. ‘Sleep’ is a standout track for a band that has bigger things just around the corner. It’s available now on all streaming platforms.

Words by Joe Smith

Photo by Isy Townsend

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