Track Review: So Brokenhearted // BASH!


If you haven’t come across this five-piece Southampton-based band yet, their latest single ‘So Brokenhearted’ should put them firmly on your radar. BASH!, named after their lead vocalist Amanda Bashmakova, formed in 2018 at Solent University, and so far they have released three singles.

This third offering forms the final piece of their catalogue of three songs entitled Pop in the Key of Love, and cements the sound they’ve established so far in its charm and versatility. In previous tracks they’ve showcased their ability to effortlessly shift gears between sunny pop harmonies, snarling guitars and crashing drums. In contrast, ‘So Brokenhearted’ is on the lighter end of the spectrum, with an upbeat chorus that will make you want to dance along the street as you listen to it.

The bittersweet edge to the song comes in the lyrics, which are delivered subtly via Bashmakova’s pristine vocals, and speak of love, tears and heartbreak. The real emotional punch comes in the bridge, with the lines “You’re just tryna forgive yourself / I’m just tryna forgive myself”, which are also repeated at the very end of the song. These lines ground the abstract feeling of heartbreak—which is described quite generally up to that point—into a concrete voice, and hint at a larger story, while still remaining vague enough to allow people to project their own stories and memories onto it.

The track is accompanied by a stop-motion animation music video that features Lego characters dancing along to the song and travelling to space, with occasional lyrics highlighted in ransom note-esque newspaper clippings. The Lego skeletons and astronauts shouldn’t make any sense in connection with the song but it all somehow fits, and gives the impression that this is a band that is quirky and creative in a genuine and interesting way.

This song feels like a really good addition to their discography, fitting in seamlessly with their two previous singles and yet still offering something new and exciting.

Words by Maddy Parker

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