Track Review: SO WHAT // BOYS WORLD


In April 2022, the new generation girl group BOYS WORLD gave their fans an ultimatum. It had been eight months since the release of their last single ‘Something in the Water’.

They had grown so much since then – a new sound, new experiences, new things to write and sing about. It wasn’t just them either – their strong social media followers had been antsy for some new music. But they remained unsure of which in their back catalog of new recordings to release. So, during a livestream, they played snippets of two – pop rock break-up songs ‘ihateyourguts’, and ‘I don’t care’ hot girl summer track ‘SO WHAT’. They gave the choice over to their fans who overwhelmingly demanded they release ‘SO WHAT’. And on July 27, so they do.

‘SO WHAT’ pushes the girls into a whole new direction with their music. They still have their traces of pastel and themes of women empowerment. But with most of them now in their twenties, BOYS WORLD is stepping into a whole new territory. Of something more physical, a little bit intimate, and a whole lot of honesty. The melody is infectious and upbeat, like club music under the harsh blaring sunlight. It’s the perfect summer release in terms of production; with quick and successive strums of the bass guitar, water droplets in sound effects, and the scratchy beats of the drum. These all come together to aid in the addictive lyrics that flow seamlessly from one word to another.

The arrangement is absolutely flawless. Olivia Ruby and Elana Carceres pair off in the verses. Lillian Kay guides them to the pre-chorus with Makhyli dominating alongside their combined harmonies – the transition and blend of Olivia and Elana’s voices carry througout. Olivia brings out a husky tone that complements the production while Elana’s scratchy quality camouflages with the bass guitar.

Together they’re sassy, assertive, and absolutely no-nonsense. But the overall highlight is the breakdown with Makhyli and Queenie May. Makhyli starts fast and low, applying a heavy tone of seduction in her delivery. When Queenie comes in, she’s high and desperate, but still affirmative and powerful as she echoes the lyrics by Makhyli.

It’s this perfect mash of lyrics, sound, and flare that’ll keep listeners on their toes for the next BOYS WORLD release.

Words by Mae Trumata

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